When our pets are stressed, scared, or acting out it can be very upsetting. We are here to help! House calls can be extremely helpful for a variety of reasons:

⁂ No more getting your terrified cat into the carrier and you can skip the clinic that has scary smells and sounds. Dogs and cats are often much more relaxed and comfortable when we come to them instead of the other way around.

⁂ We work hard to provide a safe and calm experience for your pet when we are there. We bring tasty treats, soft blankets, and calm voices. For stressed, fearful, or aggressive animals we will use a variety of means to help keep everyone safe and this may include a muzzle, e-collar (cone), medication prior to appointments, desensitization over multiple visits, or in severe cases sedation.

⁂ Its all happening right there! We can see the environment your pet is in and often recreate the events that caused the concerning behavior. This is so much easier than trying to imitate it at the clinic or film it when you are home alone.

⁂ The plans we develop together are tailor made for your home and family. Don’t have a fenced in yard, no problem. Do you have a small living area and lots of pets; we understand. Live near a busy street? We can work with that.

If a house call is the right call for you, book now!


Is your puppy biting and nipping?

Spot won't stop barking when crated?

Does Fluffy pee outside the litter box?

Can't take your dog on a walk because of his behavior?

LMVC understands how stressful this can be.

We will work with you to address these concerns in a holistic manner. This means getting a detailed history of your pets health, behavior, environment, and interactions before creating a personal plan.

We will rule out medical causes for the abnormal behavior such as pain, hormonal changes, or illness and then address the behavior in multiple ways. This plan will provide you with training and environmental enrichment recommendations that we can assist and support you with.

We will also talk about nutritional, supplemental, or even prescription options to help with some behaviors. We can coordinate with a trainer as well as your family to help reduce and sometimes even eliminate problem behavior.

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