When your pet has a terminal illness or condition the myriad of feelings can be overwhelming. It is normal to feel sad, angry, overwhelmed, guilty, confused, or any combination of those emotions.

LMVC has been there and will be there for you!

Our focus is always on quality of life not just quantity.

To us this means reducing pain and fear as much as possible.


Does your pet have chronic pain that isn't improving or a cancerous condition? Our team will work with you and your pet to provide options that reduce stress and pain as much as possible. This may include nutritional intervention, environment modification, and/or medication. We can also coordinate with other pet professionals for additional care options.

Regular check-ins and support come standard with our hospice care.


When it is time to say goodbye, we come to you and provide a peaceful end in their comfortable spot. Under a tree, on the couch, or in your arms; We facility the calm loving moment you want.

Before the appointment:

This process is tailored to you and your pet. We will always do our best to provide the experience you desire. If you have any specific requests, religious considerations, or children/special needs individuals will be present it is best to speak to us prior to the appointment.

When preparing for this process it is important that your pet is in a comfortable easily accessible area, ideally well lit. We provide absorbent pads to minimize any mess during the transition but do recommend that your pet be on bedding or blankets that can easily be cleaned or discarded. It is ideal if this is on the ground floor or near an exit.

We will facilitate the majority of necessary paperwork and payment digitally prior to the appointment. So please check your email and if there are any problems contact us. This allows us to focus on your pet when we are present and not prolong the process.

During the appointment:

Once the doctor arrives a single in person signature is needed confirming you are electing humane euthanasia. No other paperwork or payment will be needed unless there is a change in your requested care.

In stressed, fearful, or very painful pets a injectable sedative may be provided to help make them more comfortable. This involves a needle into the muscle of the hind limb and can sting slightly. Once given the medication can take 10-15 minutes to reach full effect causes relaxation or complete sedation.

An IV catheter will then be placed, generally a back leg, to allow controlled administration of medication without additional needle pricks. The placement may cause some blood to be visible but this is minimal. Once placed and secured with tape a medication that induces anesthesia is administered. Once your pet has lost consciousness an overdose of pain medication is given. This causes the heartrate to slow and then stop. For most patients this process takes less than 5 minutes.

When your pet enters transition and then passes away there are several things you should know. The transition into death causes muscle relaxation which can lead to urination, defecation, vocalization, or tremors. The eyelids generally do not close resulting in a stare that can be unsettling. Initially the breathing rate can increase as the brain responds to a loss of oxygen. Pets with heart or lung conditions can also have some fluid from the mouth and nose after passing. Your pet is not aware of any of these changes and is not in any pain during this time.

We do require that once the sedation has been administered other pets are not in the room until the process is complete as this process can cause stress, fear, and even aggression in other pets.

After the appointment:

We will clean up and allow you to spend time with your pet. If you are electing to care for your pet's remains yourself we will remove the IV catheter and provide a waterproof container for your use.

If you elect cremation services a representative from Faithful Companion will meet us at your home, transport your pet, and if requested return with cremation ashes within 24 hours. You can be present and view then entire process at their facility in Cedar Lake, IN.

Faithful Companion offers extensive memorial services including: beautiful urns, custom on-site engraving, jewelry of your pets paw or nose print, and their cremains are even medical grade that can be included in tattoo ink.

For more information check them out at : https://www.faithfulcompanion.com/locations/northwest-indiana/